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Discover a new way of running, without pain

At Runfeeling® we analyze your running techniques, improve your performance, alleviate pain, reduce injury, and help you with your fitness and training goals.

Discover your running potential with Runfeeling®

We provide motion analysis, running training and exercises to help you reach your full running potential.
Many of our clients experience pain when they run, have reoccuring injuries and strugle to make traditional treatment work.

Runfeeling provide workshops, 1-2-1 training and online anlaysis to create a unique programme that will enable you to improve performance and exceed your fitness and exercise goals.

Discover the benefits of Runfeeling:

Running & Gait Analysis

Book a running analysis and discover your running techniques with a trained Runfeeling movement coach.

Training for Runners

Runfeeling provides bespoke exercise and training workshops for runners and atheletes.

Running Exercises

With Runfeeling you will learn how to exercise to improve performance, prevent injury and reduce pain.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

Runfeeling works with sportsmen, atheles and active individuals who wish to recover and heal from a running injury.
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Join our Runfeeling Group Workshops

Our Runfeeling group workshops are open to anyone who wishes to explore movement training. Here you will create a new foundation for free movement in running. Discover movement training and how it can benefit the whole body, as well as specific exercises that will improve your running performance and step. 

View our available workshops and classes in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Runfeeling Movement Coaches

- our movement coaches -

Operating in: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Jimi Jonsson

Runfeeling® Movement Coach

Operating in: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Operating in: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Anders Selander

Runfeeling® Movement Coach

Operating in: Gothenburg, Sweden.


Gothenburg, Sweden & Alicante

Murdo Mackay

Founder of Walkfeeling® and Runfeeling®

Gothenburg, Sweden & Alicante

Operating in: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Anton Melin

Partner and Movement Coach for Runfeeling®

Operating in: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Operating in: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tommy Olausson

Partner and Movement Coach for Runfeeling®

Operating in: Gothenburg, Sweden.

Gothenburg, Umeå and Vilhelmina, Sweden.

Jenny Holmgren

Partner and Movement Coach for Runfeeling®

Gothenburg, Umeå and Vilhelmina, Sweden.

Train to become a Movement Coach with the Runfeeling Academy

Read more about our Walkfeeling® & Runfeeling® Training Academy. ​

FAQ Runfeeling

A Movement coach is a trained professional who can teach motion techniques to improve a person’s movement during certain activities like running or walking. They are also trained to perform motion analysis on someone, by monitoring someone’s posture, movements, gait, and breath to help improve their overall physical health.

"To be able to help people in a unique way, so they can uncover a sense of freedom with their movement / running. So they can also gain a new life and body without pain, without injuries and all the confidence to achieve their fitness goals." - Alexander (Runfeeling Movement Coach)

You can join the team at Walkfeeling and Runfeeling by enrolling at our academy.
Once enrolled with the academy, you will be invited to complete our specially designed course where you will be awarded with a diploma in Movement Coaching.

The course requires your physical attendance at our Academy in Gothenburg Sweden. There will be a variety of physical and mental training including talks, workshops, and demonstrations. The course itself is spread over 3 months and requires attendance from 10am-5pm for 9 days in total.

This course open for anyone over the age of 18 to study and learn.

Typically, our students have preexisting experience with various sports and fitness backgrounds including osteopaths, physiotherapists, personal trainers and professional sportsmen. However this is not an essential entry requirement.

Once you have completed the Movement Coach training at the Walkfeeling / Runfeeling Academy, you will be awarded with a Diploma in Movement Coaching and gain the official title as a Walkfeeling / Runfeeling Movement Coach.

You can then apply to become an official coach and apply for opportunities at Walkfeeling or Runfeeling. Alternatively, you can start up your own business and run workshops as an independent movement coach.

As a Movement Coach at Runfeeling, you get to work with people, fitness, and the world of movement. To discover more about our current training diplomas you can register your details below and someone will get back to you with the latest information and starting dates.